Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Oomph from Gusttimo di Roma

Question: why is there a "di Roma" tagged onto the name of this place, when it's in fact a chain from Korea?

Answer 1 (from the clueless wait staff): Don't know.
Correct Answer (from me): To make the gelato seem more authentic than it actually is.

I wanted to like this place, since it was decked out in sweet pastel pink and had a beautiful sparkly chandelier hanging from the ceiling, but unfortunately I could not. We shared the SGD5.90 cup and chose the following three flavours - white wine; pecan+brownie; and coffee. The gelato was, for want of a better word, wimpy. It lacked the critical smooth creamy mouth-feel of gelato, felt artificially light i.e. not in a good way as with Yoguru, and the flavours were so muted... such a far far cry from what we ate on the streets of Italy (for only 2Euros too). While I didn't test it, I heard that the shop has this strange policy of not allowing customers to choose only 1 or 2 flavours, even if they pay extra for it. Now that is just plain silly. I wonder how long this place will last!

Gusttimo di Roma, Ion Orchard, #1-15

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