Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hot Stones, hot deals

Taking advantage of Clarke Quay’s lunchtime promotion where a number of restaurants are offering set meals at $15nett and there’s free parking too, we gathered a few colleagues and headed down to check out Hot Stones restaurant.

Hot Stones was considered quite a hip eating place to go when it was first set up a few years ago, at least among the younger set. But I had never been, since this was before I truly discovered the joys of eating, and in any case I was busy boring over my books in London then. So I was rather pleased that I had the chance to sample its offerings and to have fun cooking my own food on heated volcanic rock.

The $15nett set meal is a very good-value deal – it includes a salad, 2 choices of meat, a dessert, and a coffee/tea. The salad looked like what you would expect to see in coleslaw – shredded lettuce and carrots – but it was fresh and the light tangy wafu dressing palatable. There was a good range of meats to choose from – I picked the Australian beef sirloin + Tuna Fillet, both of which looked to be generously cut at about 100g each, and it was even better to discover that the restaurant did not marinate the meats or add too much salt, so that the au naturel flavours could still be tasted (3 dips are provided on the side). Hearing the sizzle of the meat as it cooked, seeing the oils / juices slowly dripping out, and smelling the heavenly aroma of grilling, really whetted our appetites. The meats were of fairly good quality, although understandably not as flavourful and juicy as one would expect for more premium supplies.

fairly generous cuts of beef sirloin and tuna fillet

sizzling away to a medium rare doneness

Of course at this rather unbelievable price, there were a couple of sore spots, chiefly that they refused to serve tap water, and service was also slow and inattentive. But on whole, we had a great time though the men in our group felt that the portions were small (no complaints at all from the women) and there were no carbohydrates (friendly to Atkins dieters!). I’ve heard that dinner is rather pricey so do take advantage of this deal if you’re interested in the Hot Stones experience. The Clarke Quay lunchtime promotion runs till Feb 2010, so that gives ample time to check out other restaurants offering great deals, like L’Entrepot Bistro and Le Noir.

Hot Stones
Clarke Quay, Blk D #01-06

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