Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seeing Stars: The France Michelin Guide

E and I are going to spend 9 happy days eating and drinking in Paris, Provence and Nice in just a few days time! Finally, after a week or so of bated anticipation, my Michelin guide got delivered, allowing us to put the finishing touches to our plans. Moreover, it's the spiffy-looking 100th edition. Thank heavens for

The Guide is a real treasure trove of restaurant recommendations for France, amazingly detailed (addresses, prices, opening hours) and easy to navigate (categorised by city, or in the case of Paris, arrondissements and cuisine type). It's definitely a good buy (at USD17 from Amazon) and a good keepsake, if you're visiting more than one place in France - Paris has its own separate Michelin guide. Not all restaurants listed in the Guide are starred establishments, it lists "Bib Gourmand" restaurants as well, which have "good cooking at moderate prices". I've already made reservations at two Parisian starred restaurants: a two-star, and a one-star, which promise to be mind-blowingly good, if W's experience with the Guide thus far holds up. Can't wait!

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